A vineyard which is more than a century old

Eugène Lichtlé, the great grandfather of the present head, first created a vineyard in 1897, when he bought his first plot of vines. A wine-grower by trade, he grew vines and sold the grapes. By progressively increasing the area under cultivation, he was able to leave his son 1.5 hectares of land.

His son Eugène took over the vineyard in 1930, with the aim of expanding it. By 1965, there were 2.5 hectars of vines. During this period, some of the grapes were sold and the rest were made into wine and sold in bulk.

François Lichtlé succeeded his father as head of the vineyard in 1965. He increased the area under cultivation to 4 hectares, and significantly changed the marketing methods. The sale of grapes was stopped in favor of selling wine in bulk and, principally, in bottles


In 1991, François Lichtlé, with the help of his wife Mireille, created the Limited Company we know today with the intention of further development. His ambitious improvements concentrated on cultivation, wine-growing and extending the reputation of the vineyard. In 1992, however, François Lichtlé- after whom the vineyard has been named- died in a tragic accident while working.