Where quality and respect for the enviroment come first

At the age of 20, François` youngest son, Hervé Lichtlé, gave up his studies to secure the future of the vineyard and the company. With the help of his uncle, a wine-growing expert, he concentrated on improving the wine-making process, his objective being the production and marketing of bottled wines of highest quality.

Three full-time workers are responsible for the upkeep of the vines, wine-growing, wine-making and bottling all year round. About a dozen part-time workers help at harvest time.

Particular care is paid to the upkeep of the vineyard using techniques know a "integrated control". In this way priority is given to protecting the environment and maintaining the quality of the land.

The natural world is likewise respected during harvesting and wine making. The grapes are picked by hand and pressed using a pneumatic press. This process has the advantage of extracting as much of the flavour from the fruit as possible. After pressing, the grape juice fermants naturally in oak barrels. Once the fermentation process has finished, the wines are matured over lees for six months.

The wines are then filtered, bottled and stored in the vineyard`s air-conditioned cellar. The products so produced are entirely of French origin.